Brand Utility: The Purpose Of Purpose

09:20 - 09:50

Brand Utility: The Purpose Of Purpose

Customer experience is more important than price and product in a globalised, digital marketplace. Being clear about your company’s purpose will drive your brand’s utility and create happy customers, increasing their lifetime value. Research has shown that a 5% increase in customer satisfaction increases profits by up to 95%.

With people increasingly trusting word-of-mouth advocacy, understanding how to connect with real people on a one-to-one level and personalising your product offering has never been more critical to business success. Interactions must be frictionless, seamless and personalised in a truly transformative customer journey.

Learn from Head of Adobe DX Commercial APAC Marketing, Nicholas Kontopoulos, on how to:

  • Clearly articulate what your brand purpose is
  • Deeply understand what customers want to buy and why
  • Create a compelling customer journey
  • Understanding how to reach real people on a 1-to-1 level
  • Enable them to discover a brand through advocacy